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ISSN : 2233-4165(Print)
ISSN : 2233-5382(Online)
Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business Vol.4 No.1 pp.11-14

A study of Chinese distribution policies and challenges*

Shuai Su**

**Assistant Professor, Shandong University of political science and law, China.

Received: April 16, 2013. Revised: May 04, 2013. Accepted: June 17, 2013.


Purpose - The objective of this paper is to explain how theChinese distribution market will continue to bring tremendousbusiness opportunities to commercial enterprises given the relativelystrong economic fundamentals and substantial government-ledmeasures for boosting domestic demand.
Research designs, data and methodology - The study conducted asurvey on China’s 2011 retail market data. After empiricallyanalyzing the data on retail sales, online retail markets, andfranchises, we believe that online retailing in China will maintain itsgrowth momentum.
Results - This study shows that 2012 is expected to be achallenging year for the retail sector, as both external and internalpressures are likely to persist. Some of the major challenges facingretailers in China are mentioned below.
Conclusion - Retailers in China face several major challenges.First, the uncertain economic outlook is having a considerable impacton China’s retail market. Second, China’s retailers face an unfaircompetition environment. Third, they are suffering the impacts ofproduct safety problems.

JEL Classifications : M31, M12, F23.



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